Pot Luck

I think I’m a bit old fashioned when it comes to cookware. The high-tech stuff just doesn’t appeal. Some time ago whilst out shopping I thought I might invest in a new frying pan. I found one which was the right size and weight but there was a prominent red spot in the middle of the inside of the pan. Now I gather from the packaging that the spot served some kind of purpose relating to the temperature or whatever, but it just didn’t look right – in fact the idea of frying stuff with that thing staring back at me was downright unnerving. The inside of a pan should be black or grey. I didn’t buy the pan; months later I’m still using my old ones.

Yesterday I decided to cook Squilton pot roast lamb (see page 87 of my book). Basically, I put a small joint of lamb (preferably the knuckle end of the shoulder) in a pot with garlic, herbs and the best part of a bottle of red wine, let it marinate for a few hours and then cook it very slowly in the oven until it’s so tender the meat almost falls off the bone. But the pot matters and my trusty le Creuset, excellent as it is for all manner of culinary jobs, isn’t quite right for this.

Having been to the butcher and having 20 minutes left on my car park ticket, I decided on a whim to visit the local cookware shop. I knew exactly what I wanted: a tall brown earthenware pot, just like the one I used to have years ago until the lid got broken, whereupon it took on a second life as a plant pot and subsequently got lost while moving house. But there was nothing remotely like it in the shop. While they were casseroles a-plenty, they were mostly too sophisticated looking for my taste, the only ceramic one was plain white and they were all short and wide.

Having got the idea in my head, I decided to look online. There were dozens of pots and casseroles on Amazon, but the choice of styles was much the same as in the shop. And then I found it on eBay – a tall brown earthenware pot, just like the one I used to own. It’s second-hand but then so was the previous one (if my memory serves me correctly, I bought it in a car boot sale). At the moment I’m the only bidder. Fingers crossed…

Update (12 August) …

And here it is:


More pot roast lamb tonight!