You may or may not know that 19 September is International Talk Like A Pirate Day. Basically the idea is that you adopt an accent that sounds like a cross between a Bristolian and a Harley Davidson and pepper your conversation with nautical terms, especially the “five A’s”: “Ahoy”, “Avast”, “Aye”, “Aye-aye” and “Aaaaahhrrrr”.

Having just returned from the Caribbean, I can report that the Pirate Bay restaurant in St Lucia has added another A to the pirate lexicon: “Ale”. I admit I was sceptical when I read “Pirate Ale” on the menu but I just had to go and investigate.

I had often thought it a pity that Caribbean brewers generally produce nothing but rather bland, fizzy lager. OK, it’s more welcome in tropical climes than it would be at home but after a couple of days one begins to tire of it. I wondered why they didn’t have a go at brewing ale – maybe not a traditional English bitter, but a light hoppy golden ale would surely go down well? And the tendency of the locals to drink Guinness suggests there is a market for something with a bit more flavour.

And now the guys at the Antillia Brewing Company have done it. They produce a Pale and a Golden Ale and very good they are too! It’s keg beer but I can’t blame them for that. The logistics of serving cask ale in a tropical climate would be horrendous. All power to their elbow.

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